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Charles Standard Dale Davis

Running Today's Factory

A Proven Strategy for Lean Manufacturing
49,90 € 
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Erschienen: 01/1999 Print

John S. Dick Charles P. Rader

Raw Materials Supply Chain for Rubber Products

Overview of the Global Use of Raw Materials, Polymers, Compounding Ingredients, and Chemical Intermediates
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Erschienen: 08/2014 Print | PDF

Charles L. Tucker III

Fundamentals of Fiber Orientation

Description, Measurement and Prediction
149,99 € 
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Erschienen: 03/2022 Print | PDF

Herausgegeben von: Charles E. Wilkes James W. Summers Charles A. Daniels

PVC Handbook

399,00 € 
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Erschienen: 08/2005 Print

Volker Gruhn Andreas Hayn

AI Changes the Rules of the Game

Rethinking Business Models, Customer Relationship and Products
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Erschienen: 05/2022 Print | PDF