Plastics in Automotive Engineering

Exterior Applications

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Today´s automotive industry is challenged by ever more stringent demands to reduce fuel...Mehr
Plastics in Automotive Engineering
Today´s automotive industry is challenged by ever more stringent demands to reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. Lightweight design and increased use of advanced plastic components will be crucial for the next generation of cars complying with legislation.

Engineers and manufacturers who develop and produce polymer-based components for automotives are under pressure to reduce developing times and to optimize production processes for quality and economic viability. Tools of choice are computer-aided selection of polymers in combination with mathematical simulation for both, material properties and production processes. They provide crucial help in finding innovative and economical solutions when designing polymer applications for modern cars.

This unique and timely book provides theoretical as well as practical reviews of novel polymer applications for automotive engineering, covering material selection, simulation, prototyping and manufacturing.

19 industrial case studies illustrate current polymer applications for the exterior of passenger cars and commercial vehicles "made in Europe". These studies describe component-specific and vehicle-specific solutions, providing expert insights into current developments in the polymer industry as well as novel component production and, most importantly, their innovative implementation into industrial practice.
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"[...] Almost 27 chapters on 6 topics are presented with an abundant number of lengthy...Mehr

"[...] Almost 27 chapters on 6 topics are presented with an abundant number of lengthy sub-sections. The chapters ranging from “material or processing concept” to “ case studies-design, production and performance”. Each subject is thoroughly researched and presented in layman’s terms. Numerous subtopics are incorporated allowing the reader to be as selective as they desire in the amount of material they wish to read. The bibliography contains numerous references, which makes each topic quite an authoritative coverage of presented materials.
[...] This book represents the latest information on plastic and composite technologies for automobile applications being gathered and presented professionally by a group of experts in Germany. This book is highly recommended for university libraries, corporate libraries, and for researchers that are constantly seeking knowledge and references." Professor and Director Fu-Kuo Chang, Kunststoffe, Oktober 2007


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