Reactive Polymer Blending

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Major advancement has occurred in preparing useful polymer blends, in most cases using some form...Mehr
Reactive Polymer Blending
Major advancement has occurred in preparing useful polymer blends, in most cases using some form of compatibilization. While physical compatibilization using block copolymers was the technique of choice in the past, increasingly reactive approaches have been used. Much enabling technology is required to produce commercially viable blends including compatibilization chemistry, blend rheology, process equipment and morphology control. This volume is particularly suitable for students as a graduate level textbook and for practitioners trying to optimize these products and processes.


- Types of Reactive Polymers which Have Been Investigated
- Chemistry of Compatibilization Reactions
- In-Situ Interfacial Reactions - Kinetics and Interfacial Thickness
- Molecular Architecture of Reactive Compatibilizing Polymers
- Effects of Interfacial Reactions on Phase Morphology Development
- Effects of Rheology on Phase Morphology Development
- Phase Inversions in Blending
- Role of Mixing Mechanisms and Devices in Reactive Blending
- Extruders Used in Reactive Blending
- One-Step and Two-Step Reactive Blending Processes
- Reactive Blending of Polyamides
- Principles and Examples of Toughening
- Reactive Blend Compatibilization Using Small Molecules
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