Polypropylene Handbook

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Following the successful approach of the first edition, this book presents the current state of...Mehr
Polypropylene Handbook
Following the successful approach of the first edition, this book presents the current state of the PP industry. At its core is a detailed description of the polymerization, the catalysts, and the breakthroughs that occurred during the last two decades. Comprehensively covered are morphology, characterization, stabilization, properties, manufacturing, worldwide demand, environmental considerations, applications, and regulatory considerations.

However, this update covers more than products, technology, and market, which undoubtedly are the most important dimensions of the PP industry.
For the first time, the reader gets a chance to look behind the scenes of the business part of this industry. Basell's Nello Pasquini provides enlightening insights into the past challenges and successes, but most importantly, he offers suggestions on how to better manage the PP business in the future. He points out effective strategies to create a more sustainable business in terms of profitability, thus laying the groundwork for a more stable and resilient business.

- Product
Catalysts and Polymerization - Structure and Morphology - Additives - Product Mix and Properties
- Technology
Manufacturing Processes - Fabrication Processes - Regulations and Approvals
- Market
The PP Market
- Business
History - Applications - Future
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