Polymer Blends

A Comprehensive Review

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It has been well-recognized that polymer blends offer a key option in solving emerging...Mehr
Polymer Blends
It has been well-recognized that polymer blends offer a key option in solving emerging application requirements. The ability to combine existing polymers into new compositions with commercializable properties offers the advantage of reduced research and development expense compared to the development of new monomers and polymers to yield a similar property profile. An additional advantage is the much lower capital expense involved with scale-up and commercialization. Another specific advantage of polymer blends versus new monomer/polymer compositions is that blends often offer property profile combinations not easily obtained with new polymeric structures. In the rapidly emerging technology landscape, polymer blend technology can quickly respond to developing needs.

This book offers a comprehensive overview of this important field, in particular a unique and extensive literature research on all aspects of this technology. It can be utilized as a reference text as well as a textbook for a graduate level course on polymer blends.


Fundamentals of Polymer Blends
Compatibilization Methods for Polymer Blends
Types of Polymer Blends
Characterization of Polymer Blends
Properties of Polymer Blends
Commercial Applications of Polymer Blends
Future Perspectives in Polymer Blends
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