Blow Molding Handbook

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Every successful manufacturer of blow molded products faces the challenge of utilizing advanced...Mehr
Blow Molding Handbook
Every successful manufacturer of blow molded products faces the challenge of utilizing advanced techniques which demand an understanding of the different plastic melt flow behaviors, operational monitoring and control systems, testing and quality control, statistical analysis, and so on. However, these techniques are only helpful if the basic operations of molding are understood to ensure the elimination or a significant reduction of potential problems.

This second edition of Rosato's "Blow Molding Handbook" - an industry standard for more than a decade - provides insight to critical areas such as
- product design
- meeting performance requirements
- reducing costs
- zero defect targets

The information contained in this volume is of value to even the most experienced fabricators, designers, and engineers; it also provides a firm basis for the beginner. The intent is to provide a complete review of the important aspects of the blow molding process that goes from the practical to the theoretical, and from the elementary to the advanced.

- Introduction
- Extrusion Blow Molding
- Injection Blow Molding
- Stretch Blow Molding
- Tooling (Die and Mold)
- Plastic Material
- Fundamentals of Product Design
- Process Control
- A Troubleshooting and Maintenance
- Testing and Quality Control
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