Precision Injection Molding

Process, Materials, and Applications

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One of the key aspects of the production of high precision components is the need to meet...Mehr
Precision Injection Molding
One of the key aspects of the production of high precision components is the need to meet extremely tight dimensional tolerances, typically in the submicron range, and maintain these tolerances over the practical lifetimes of the molded articles. In addition, as many of the precision components are utilized in various optoelectronic systems and devices, control of optical and electrical properties is often crucial.

The strict control of dimensional and electro-optical properties requires a systematic reexamination of the conventional injection-molding process with special consideration of its impact on the dimensions and electro-optical characteristics of the molded article. This volume examines precision injection molding from different perspectives, covering materials, process and hardware aspects of the technology, with special emphasis on the dimensional integrity and stability of the molded components. Special topics covered in this volume include: dimensional stability of molded plastics, models for warpage development, compact disc molding, process control, crystallization phenomena in injection molding, micro-molding and microfluidics.

- Overview and Scaling Considerations
- Instabilities in Dimensions and Shape
- Dimensional Accuracy in Injection Molding: State of the Art and Open Challenges
- Birefringence Modeling in Optical Discs
- Shrinkage of Injection Molded Material
- Towards the Prediction of Structure Development in Injection Molded Semicrystalline Polymers
- Deformation of Polycarbonate Optical Discs by Water Sorption and Aging
- Injection Molding for Microfluidics Applications
- Introduction to Micromolding
- Precision Process Control of Precision Injection Molding
- Machine Hardware for Precision Injection Molding
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