Gas-Assist Injection Molding

Principles and Applications

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Although gas-assist injection molding has been utilized commercially to produce plastic...Mehr
Gas-Assist Injection Molding
Although gas-assist injection molding has been utilized commercially to produce plastic components for almost 20 years, few guidelines for this promising technology have been published
The industry's thirst for information on all aspects of this process (design, tooling, process, troubleshooting) resulted in a wide range of courses and seminars, but no in-depth resource. The result is this book, written with the intent to provide practical information that will help industrial designers, product designers, toolmakers, and molders to design and manufacture higher value, more cost effective products. It should also be of interest to students that are interested in plastics product design and processing, and to product managers and sourcing professionals that need additional information on this process.
The untapped potential in innovation and creativity that this technology can bring to product design will open a treasure of opportunities for the reader. The only limitations are creativity and persistence!


An Overview of Gas-Assist Injection Molding
Techniques of Gas-Assist Injection Molding
Gas-Assist Design
CAE Molding Simulation
Guidelines for Designing and Manufacturing Tools
Manufacturing with Gas-Assist Injection Molding
30 Case Studies
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